Massage of president

Dear Friends and Colleagues 
I feel honored and privileged to chair the first International Congress of NLRCS,“Nutrition,from the laboratory to Clinical Studies” hosted by Mashhad University of Medical Sciences,from September 6-8th,2017 IRAN.
Nutritional events and conferences are designed to learn about and share the latest progressions in the food science and nutrition and its link to health-related quality of life (HRQOL).The 2015 Incheon declaration confirmed that "education is a catalyst for developing the skills,values,and behaviors that leading to healthy lives and well-being". Regarding UNESCO’s slogan,"Education for Health and well-being",International Center for science,high Technology and Environmental Sciences in Mashhad University of Medical science aims to develop the scientific approaches. The objective is to encourage knowledge exchange to achieve high quality education in health and nutrition in society. We are also committed to enhance our relationships with International Organizations such as WHO and UNESCO to share our valuable experiences with other nations. Holding this international conference is in this regard. We intend to focus on all aspects of nutrition issues going through a wide variety of nutritional topics which will be a bridge from cellular and molecular studies in modern laboratories to medical practice to enrich our attendees’ points of view.
We are pleased to invite scientists,researchers,professionals,practitioners,nutritionists,dieticians,public health experts,and sports nutritionists,food industry researchers to exchange ideas and be informed about the latest research developments in these fields. It is my pleasure to invite you to experience the beautiful metropolitan city that was officially named the capital of the Islamic culture in 2017 for the Asia region by the Islamic Educational,Scientific and Cultural Organization (ISESCO).We are looking forward to giving you the warmest welcome

Dr. M. Ghayour
The president of the Congress